Student & Event Registration

Welcome to the first step of the Ontario DECA's Regional Online Registration process for students.
If you do NOT see your school name in the pull down menu, your advisor has not registered your school. Please wait until they do so. You will not be able to register until they do that first.

The fee to join as a member is $25 USD per person and made payable directly to your teacher/school. Each school may also include an additional Chapter fee.

KNOW YOUR EVENT that you wish to compete in BEFORE you start! We will ask for your top three picks! Click here to see a listing of the DECA Events: DECA Codes Explained

Your event registration is not finalized; your Chapter Advisor must approve your application. Each school has various levels of commitment, student expectations, chapter size limits, etc. Failing to meet these requirements will mean that your application will not be honoured by Ontario DECA.

Refunds/Cancellations will not be allowed after October 15.

You must complete all fields and have a valid email address.